We’re almost through winter and I’m happy to say that my skin has never looked and felt better considering the harsh weather we’re experiencing in Northern Ontario.

I get asked often by clients and friends what I use on my skin, so I decided to take time and share the steps and products I use to take care of my largest organ.

I’ve been trying my best for the last year or so to use only cruelty free and natural skincare products, and it’s obvious that my skin is super thankful for this change.


So let’s get down to it shall we?

1. Cleanse. To wash the day off.

After a long day out and about I cleanse my face very well before bedtime. I make sure to remove all of my makeup and I sometimes use coconut oil to break down any stubborn products such as mascara. Even when I don’t wear makeup, I’m sure to give my face a thorough, but gentile cleanse.

My current face wash is Limelife by Alcone’s QUENCH CLEANSE ALOE & SUNFLOWER For Normal to Dry or Mature Skin Types This works well for me because my skin (that is usually normal) is super dry in the winter, and this cleanser doesn’t strip it of it’s moisture. When I feel like a deep-clean I use it with my Clarisonic and always pat my face gently with a towel to dry.

I only wash my face with soaps at night, in the morning I gently rinse my face with water only then repeat steps 2 to 4.

2. Tone. To balance the pH levels of the skin.

The best time to apply skincare products is right after you cleanse, while your skin is still damp. I use Dr. Thayers Witch Hazel or rose water on a cotton pad and gently swipe it on my face. You can also put it in a spray bottle and mist your face to prevent from tugging your skin. Both of these product’s can be found at Tim’s Whole Health. I like the smell of these and find it very refreshing before bed.

3. Serum.
To help with dark spots.

I’ve been using SOTOKS SONGYI MUSHROOM For All Skin Types for the last 6 months and my skin has gotten much brighter! I used to have darker bags under my eyes, but they seem to have lightened since using this which is amazing! I use a pump of this before my moisturizer and gently pat it into my face with my hands.

4. Moisturizer/Oils. To keep the face luminous and hydrated.

I love the DEW DATE PALMAROSE & SUNFLOWER OIL For All Skin Types and it’s the only product I’m wearing in the image above. This gives my face such a beautiful glow and it sits well under other all my other skincare and makeup products. I sometimes just use this as my moisturizer, or I put it under SKIN THERAPY POMEGRANATE & OAT For Normal to Dry or Mature Skin Types

Other things I’ve been doing…

Drinking Water. Exercising. Avoiding Dairy. To stay fit, hydrated and avoid breakouts.

I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again to “drink water because it’s good for your skin”. It’s true! My skin looks pretty damn good for at least 3 out of 4 weeks every month (ahem!) but drinking more water definitely makes my skin look more plump, plus I also feel better. Bonus.

I’ve been sponsoring the gym for about a year now. As in, I’m paying for my membership, but not actually going. I’ve been going about 3x a week now for the last few weeks and my skin does look happier and I also have more energy. Double bonus.

Dairy makes me break out. I have tested this theory many times before. I’ve since been sticking to almond and cashew milk, and it’s changed both my skin and the flavour of my morning coffee for the better. Go nuts.

Got questions? Put them in the comments section below <3

Thanks for taking a break from Netflix to read my blog.