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Wedding Services

your fairy godmother is on route.


Wedding Services

your fairy godmother is on route.

MAKEUP includes a beauty consultation, skin analysis, skin refresher, makeup application and false lashes. Members of the bridal party will also receive a touch-up bag. Contents include: blotting tissues, q-tips, mints, and lip colour for the day

HAIR STYLING includes your hairstyle of choice, up-do or down-do, simple or intricate, plus hair padding, fillers (if necessary) and the addition of one hair accessory. Veil setting is also included, as well as instructions on proper removal.

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Travel & Booking

♥ Complimentary travel within a 15 km radius of current location. Additional travel fees per artist apply thereafter.

♥ There is a Wedding Day booking minimum of $510 (Bride + 4 ) on Friday's & Saturday's and $420 (Bride +3) on Sunday's during peak bridal season (May to October). All prices subject to HST.

♥ Depending on our current location we may be able to accommodate single services later on in the day. Please get in touch with us even if you do not meet our booking minimum.

♥ Early start times (prior to 7:00 AM EST) are an additional charge.

♥ As our team offers both makeup & hair styling services, a forced collaboration fee of $80 will apply if working alongside external makeup artists and/or hairstylists. This fee will be waved if we have no artists available to accommodate your entire party.

See 2018 terms and conditions HERE
Have questions? See FAQ Page HERE


SPECIAL Event Services

for the times that require glitter.

SPECIAL Event Services

for the times that require glitter.

Have a special event to attend? Booked a photo shoot? Need new head shots? Look and feel your best, whatever the occasion, with a professional makeup application and hair styling. A unique look, for a unique you!


Special Event Services

Makeup (includes lashes) $85
Hairstyle $85

Extras & Add-On's

Airbrush Foundation $25
Advanced Contouring $15
Clip-in Hair Extensions $30+ 
False Lash Application (pre-owned) $5
Décolletage Contouring/Highlighting $25
Tattoo Coverage (contact for quote) - $50+

All special event services are completed in-studio.
Mobile services may be available if artist has an existing booking near your location.
A $30 out-of-studio fee will apply for the request of on-site services.
Complimentary travel for the first 30 km.
All prices are listed in Canadian dollars and are subject to HST.

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Frequently Asked Questions

...and you get false lashes, and you get false lashes!

Frequently Asked Questions

...and you get false lashes, and you get false lashes!


Makeup and Hair FAQ's


Review the information below with your bridal party, and anyone else receiving services. Knowing what to expect before, during and after your appointment will allow for a more relaxing beauty experience. 

We'll take care of the details, so you don't have to.


Is a makeup and/or hair preview mandatory?

No, but it's recommended. When you find a photo you like, it's important to see how the colours and textures translate on to your skin. Making slight adjustments to your makeup or hairstyle allows us to create the perfect look for you! Try to book your preview no later than 4 weeks before your wedding date. Previews are conducted in-studio Monday to Thursday from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

May I book a preview before booking you for my wedding day?

Yes! However, booking a preview does not secure your wedding date. If another bride inquires about your date, you will receive a courtesy e-mail to notify you. A date is only secured with a retainer and signed agreement.

Can you accommodate large bridal bookings?

Yes! If your booking requires, there will be other artists there to help. For large bridal parties (6+ services), it's best to inquire at least 6 months in advance. The presence of additional artists depends on the span of time you have to get ready and the number of services booked. An assistant is not required for 6 or less services. If you have a limited time to get ready just ask about the Express Service option! Additional artists are always subject to availability. 

I have a deep/fair/olive skin tone, do you have my foundation colour?

Absolutely! We own every foundation colour you can imagine. No need to worry about our foundation matching your skin tone. We bring every colour to every booking!

What if I have allergies cosmetics?

Please make us aware of any and all known allergies you may have to specific products, or cosmetic ingredients. For preferences, such as vegan products, please contact Gracie.

How do I prep my skin for makeup? See printable PDF here.

Cleanse your entire face, neck and décolletage the morning before your appointment. Refrain from exfoliating your face with sugar scrubs, and waxing or tweezing facial hair at least 1-2 days before your appointment. If you've had a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or similar skin treatment, ensure that any irritation or redness has subsided 2-3 weeks in advance.

How do I prep my hair for styling? See printable PDF here.

Your hair should be clean, dry and product-free. Please wash and blow-dry your hair the day before your appointment. Damp, freshly washed, or overly conditioned hair will not hold a curl properly. Also refrain from straightening your hair 48 hours before your appointment.

Are false lashes an extra cost?

Nope! Complimentary false lashes are included in every makeup application. There is a charge for lashes if you did not book makeup services. See here for details.


What do artists need on location?

1. a clean, flat, work-surface (like a dining table)
2. an indirect source of natural sunlight
3. easy access to electrical outlets
4. a stool or tall chair for makeup applications
5. a regular height chair for hairstyling

I also never object to a cup of coffee! (Tall Americano's with toffee-nut and soy mik are my jam☺)

How long does it take to do my makeup?

It takes 30-60 minutes for a complete makeup application. Timing depends on your desired look, the amount of coverage needed, and the addition of add-ons such airbrush makeup. Usually a 45 minute block is held for each makeup service, some looks take up more time, and some take less.

How long does it take to do my hair?

It takes between 30-90 minutes per hairstyle. Timing depends on the desired style, and addition of extensions or hair pieces. The length, density, and texture of your hair also determines time of completion. Usually a 45 minute block is held for each hair service, some styles take up more time, and some take less. Hair extensions are an additional cost. See here here for details.

Can you also put accessories in my hair?

Yes! Please ensure that all hair clips, fascinators, hats, extensions and hair pieces are clean and ready to be installed upon our arrival.

Does your bridal hairstylist need a licence to style your hair?

No. As there is no cutting, colouring, or chemical treatments being put into your hair, your hairstylist does not require a license.



Can you accommodate last minute makeup applications or hairstyles?

Absolutely! However, this can only be done once the contracted services have been completed. If the scheduled block of time does not allow for additional services, the start time may have to be pushed up. Start-times before 7:00 AM (EST) are subject to an additional early-start fee. For these last minute, on-the-spot additions, we only accept cash.

Should I tip my artist?

If you wish, you may absolutely tip your artist directly after the service. The percentage to leave is always up to you! 


What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is an application method wherein product is blown onto the skin through a cosmetic air gun. Rather than being worked in with a brush, the makeup sits on top of the skin like a blanket. Often people assume that someone looks "airbrushed" in photos because airbrush makeup was used, but this is not true. The airbrush look you see in photos is usually the result of editing the image in Adobe Photoshop, or another similar app. Both airbrush makeup and traditional makeup applications can look equally flawless, are HD friendly and can last for many hours. The longevity of your makeup is ultimately a reflection of your artist, no matter what method they use.

Is airbrush makeup a good option for me?

As the makeup sits on top of the skin, it's best suited for individuals without any texture issues. It's not recommended for people with lines, wrinkles or severe acne scarring. Airbrush makeup is also more prone to cracking and is harder to touch-up throughout the day. Contact Gracie if you are not sure if this is a good option for you.

A member of my bridal party wants a makeup and/or hair trial, is this possible?

Yes. However, it will cost the same as a bridal preview since it takes the same amount of time, product and expertise. A better option is just to book a special event makeup application or a special event hairstyle! This will give you enough time to meet me and discuss your likes and dislikes in regards to makeup and hair.

Some bridesmaids haven’t committed to getting their hair/makeup done. What do I do?

It can definitely be challenging to get a response from your bridal party, especially if they’re located in different places or have different schedules. If you’re having trouble with this, it’s best to book in the number of services for those individuals who have committed to the service(s). This way, at least, your wedding date and artists are secured for you and those individuals. Other services can always be added in the months leading up to your wedding date. Just be aware that time and artist availability is always a contributing factor when adding services.

I want a very "natural" look, will it be cheaper?

It takes just as much time, product and expertise to create a natural look that captures beautifully in real life and on camera. It's often more challenging to produce a flawless look with a natural glow than a dramatic one. Also, the term "natural" is very subjective. For this reason the cost is the same for natural and dramatic looks.

What products do you use?

We carry a variety of the best and most effective makeup, skincare and hair care products available to industry professionals. If you have any questions regarding products, please contact us!

Can you use my own makeup for the application?

If you insist, but it's not recommended. Products we carry in our kits make the cut because they are the best and most effective products for the job. They are tried, tested and true. A lot of chemistry goes into a makeup application, and certain products just don't work well together. Adding your personal makeup into the application can alter its colour, texture and longevity. 

I want all down-do's for me and my bridal party, will it cost less than an up-do?

Often down-do's take longer than up-do's since all the hair has to be set for a longer period of time. Every section of the hair is curled and set perfectly to ensure it lasts through sweat, movement and the elements. There are also simpler up-dos that are quicker to create, and for this reason all hairstyles are the same price.

We booked our hair services in a salon, can you work there?

Yes, but It depends on the salon. Some salons allow freelance artists to use their space and some do not. Make sure to ask your salon in advance if you prefer to have your makeup completed there. If our team is able to accommodate your party for both makeup and hair services, a forced collaboration fee of $80 will apply for working alongside external makeup artists or hairstylists. This fee will be waved if our team is unable to accommodate all services requested.

Can you recommend a Photographer?

Yes! In fact we have an entire list of local vendors HERE you can check out! :)

Have another question? Email it to

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Makeup Lessons

need help with that winged liner?

Makeup Lessons

need help with that winged liner?


Looking to apply your own makeup on your wedding day?

Book a private lesson with me, and we'll create the perfect look for your special day! You will also receive detailed instructions and a product list after your appointment.

PRIVATE LESSON $300 (3 hours)

Spend the day with me, and learn how to properly apply makeup to accentuate your best features. We'll create different 2 looks, based on personal taste and unique sense of style.

Learn to properly apply the following products:

  • foundation, concealer and face powder

  • bronzer, blush and highlighter

  • eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes

  • lip liner, lipstick and gloss

Gain knowledge of the following:

  • skincare (based on skin type)

  • shaping and filling eyebrows

  • colours that best suite your skin tone and eye colour

  • concealing blemishes, redness and discoloration

  • makeup kit maintenance and proper sanitation

*If you wish to bring a model to learn to apply makeup on others' a fee of $150.00 will apply*

ADD PERSONAL SHOPPING $100 (1.5 hours)

Add a personal shopping trip to the above lessons. 

Includes a 1.5 hour personal shopping experience to assist in choosing the right products for you!

Name *
Phone *

Looking to book a Group Lesson? Inquire above for details and pricing.